Business Outline

Business Outline

Secondhand Sale & Purchase Business

Our main business is the secondhand Sale & Purchase of coastal vessels. We cover every kind and age of vessels. Over the years, we have fixed a total of more than 450 vessels, and take great pride in our many years of high creditability and performance. We will strengthen our efforts in providing direct and reliable broking services to our domestic and foreign customers, and are also committed to the development of new markets.

Consulting Business

To better meet our customers' needs, we provide assistance in import/export-related procedures for all kinds of secondhand vessels and workboats, in parallel with the Sale & Purchase business. We also provide answers to inquiries about the secondhand market situation.

General Trade Operations

In compliance with our customers' needs, we provide detailed and efficient support in the export of marine equipments such as engines, transport machines, industrial machineries and their parts, regardless of the lot size.